Who we are

Vintage fashion Believers & defenders. Attracted by the idea of bringing back to life, clothes left behind in the past, forgotten. Each of them is different to the other and have a different storys to tell. Vintage clothing is special and will make you feel even more special than you are.

Our mission is investiage, locate, selectionar  tireless with the aim of reviving cloting the best vintage at the best price.  Timeless (eternal ?) clothing, selection good taste, and that will make you differente from the rest.

Moreover all the benefist contribution (clothing +- 25 yerars) we are fascinated by the romantic side of vintage. We cannot help imagine that in the past someone wore that vintage dress, was happy, enjoyed or even maybe cryed and the vintage dress was witneses.

Dale una oportunidad al vintage de Carola. Apuesta por él y Be Vintage, my friend!